Teology Donation Page

The effects of Hurricane Florence impacted many lives in the Carolina’s, over the past 2 weeks, but those of you that attended Beyond Abundant had the honor of feeling the Light and Energy of our good friend Teology. When T returned home after a beautiful weekend of building a new tribe of loving people; he was faced with the impacts of Florence. Flooding his family and friends homes and leaving most wondering how to pick up the pieces. We would like to extend our loving arms to Teology and ask that of you have anything to donate, please do, as every dollar makes a difference. Please click on the link below and please SHARE as much as possible. We gave witness to Teology’s Faith and we share in his Faith that brighter days on on their way. Thank you for anything you can give. Also know this donation button is set up to go directly to Teology’s Paypal(teology13.5@gmail.com).

– The Beyond Abundant Tribe