Xayleen was introduced to yoga a few years back and instantly fell in love with it. Her passion to share this new found love was so strong that she decided to become a full time yoga instructor. Since then yoga has changed her life in countless ways, from eating healthier to being more balanced and centered emotionally. Yoga is a lifestyle and there is so much to learn from it above and beyond stretching and bending. In each of her classes Xayleen creates a judgement-free sacred space that allows everyone to be open and authentic, making it a wholesome experience.


I was first introduced to yoga a few years back after taking my daughters to a friend’s yoga class. I began exploring it at home and immediately fell in love! I knew I had to share this passion with others and shortly thereafter decided to become a full-time yoga instructor. Since then, yoga has inspired me to grow and evolve in all aspects of my life. I strongly believe yoga provides an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves, to recharge and refuel, to fill our cups so to say. In my classes I create a judgement-free zone that encourages openness and authenticity; a sacred space. My goal is for everyone to leave feeling even better than when they walked in!