David Essel

David Essel, M. S., is a number one best-selling author (10), counselor, master life coach, international speaker and radio host  whose mission is to positively affect 2 million people or more every day, in every area of life,  regardless of their current circumstances.

Celebrity Jenny McCarthy says “David Essel is the new leader of the positive thinking movement.

David’s work of 38 years is also highly endorsed by the late Wayne Dyer, “Chicken Soup for the Soul”  author Mark Victor Hansen, as well as many other celebrities and radio and television networks from around the world.

He is verified through Psychology Today as one of the top Counselors and Life Coaches in the USA, and is a “Verified Relationship Expert ” through Marriage.com

David accepts new clients every week into his 1 on 1 programs from around the world.


“David Essel is the “New Leader” of the Positive Thinking Movement.” Jenny McCarthy, Radio/TV Host, Actress
DAVID ESSEL,M.S.,   Author (10), TV/Radio Host,Counselor, Master Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker


#1 BEST SELLING AUTHOR:  “FOCUS! Slay your Goals….The Proven guide to huge success, a powerful attitude and profound love.”


Motivational Expert for : Fox TV’s Morning Blend  http://www.davidessel.com