Amy Emme

Areas of Expertise

#1 Your Potential

Amy Emme is the epitome of energy, fun and focus. Her biggest strength and gift to the world is aligning potential with a strategy to set-up for success. Knowing that whatever the mind can conceive it will achieve, Amy sets her sights high and ever higher for those she works with. In working with Amy to find your fullest potential, she will push you and your team out of the comfort zone to truly identify your pathway to gold.

Sometimes it’s timing that stands in the way and other times it’s thinking too small, however if that’s the case – not only will Amy Emme electrify you to think bigger but strive to show you that everything you do today should be centered on becoming better tomorrow. Turning children into gold medal athletes and small companies to global entities, Amy Emme is addicted to getting you to where you want to be and will ensure she delivers you all the tools necessary to succeed.

#2 Making Your Dreams a Reality

Amy built the largest Archery Training Center in the world, and she did it with great people by her side. She saw the vision to train the greatest athletes in the world and followed through by focusing and channeling her deepest intentions. Amy shares her best strategies for getting the right people in place and keeping them motivated to foster an atmosphere where dreams become reality for anyone willing to put the energy in! Amy’s unique and innovative approach will help students, managers, executives, business owners and people who genuinely want to create a change in their life!

#3 Motivating Your Team

Did you know that by next year, millennials will account for 36% of the U.S. workforce and by 2025, they will account for 75% of the global workplace? With that being said, many employers and managers have no idea how to motivate and manage Millennials. However, the word manage is the wrong approach. Amy has dedicated herself to understanding the working relationship between millennials, and their predecessors. She will deliver her best practices for allowing flexibility, freedom and motivation allowing your employees to flourish!

#4 Building Your Brand to Leave a Lasting Impression

Have you ever heard the old adage, never judge a book by its cover? In today’s society that is not an option. Every moment of everyday you, your business and your contribution are being judged. However, with the proper tools and studying the past mistakes of many, Amy will guide you through how to build your brand and the steps need to ensure it’s success.